Hold On, Pain Ends.
Tieni duro, il dolore finirà"

Here I go again

Life is really fucked up when you think of it as a whole. No one gets out alive and we spend it competing with each other for what? Death? No one is going to remember who you are because the ones who will are going to will be dead. After so long people will stop saying your name. You never really existed. None of us really “matter” unless were someone actually important. Even those who go to school for 8 years to be doctors and save hundreds of lives will die and what? Maybe get their name on a plaque that no one is going to fucking look at. And even those who do “matter” how many of us actually care about them because do we know them? No. So I conclude saying who gives a fuck about anything you do, because when it all boils down to it, it will never really matter. 

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